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Generics vs. Branded Drugs

Generic drugs (GDs) are same in effectiveness like the branded drugs because it contains the same active constituent and that also in the same concentration like the branded drug. Generic drugs are the exact replica of the branded drugs. The dose, administration, and even the side effects of the generic drugs are akin the branded drugs.

The pharmacodynamical and pharmacokinetic properties of the generic drugs are akin to the branded drugs. According to the Food and Drug Administration, generic drug is approved only after checking its quality standards and the after the successful clinical trials. The officials from the Food and Drug Administration visit the manufacturing unit of the generic drugs to check the quality standards followed by the generic drug manufacturing during the manufacturing of the drug.

The revolution took place in the sale of the generic drugs after the Haxman act that approved the generic drugs and allowed the generic drug manufacturer to do advertising of the generic drugs. But, the sale of generic drugs started rising only after the introduction of generic Viagra in the pharmacy market.

The customerís perspective towards the generic drugs was changed by the generic Viagra. People understood that generic drugs are no way inferior to the branded drugs. A study was conducted to prove the efficacy of the generic drugs. The study included the use of generic drugs as well as branded drugs to the patient. The effects of the generic drugs were noted to be exactly the same like the branded drugs in the patients.

Thus, the study proved that generic drugs are equally efficacious to the branded drugs. The sale of generic drug started increasing considerably as this study was published in all leading newspapers in the world.

Internet has also made a very major role in increasing the sale of the generic drugs. The online pharmacies originated through the internet and allowed the generic drugs to reach each and every corner of the world. Online sale of generic drug saved the investments of the generic drug manufacturing companies considerably. Online pharmaceutical distributors delivered the generic drugs all over the world in time and with the discreet packing and won the customer trust.

Lots of positive publicity, best quality products, and excellent customer service have lead to the increase in the online sales of generic drugs. Online pharmaceutical distributors not only supplied the best quality generic drugs but also maintain the privacy of the customer. Online pharmacies are best for the customers to purchase the sex-related medicines.

The sale of generic drugs is found to be increased by 32% in the European countries. Specifically in UK where generic drugs sale was only 10% till last year, but this year the sale of generic drugs was observed to 53%. Even Germany and Switzerland is now promoting the generic drugs in their country in order to get the maximum benefits at the low costs. In Asia, the sale of generic drugs is found to be increased by 25% because already generic drugs were having a good market in Asian countries. This way the generic drugs are becoming the market leaders and still the demand for them is ever increasing.


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