Petrol price drop: Gull shaves 15c off per litre

Petrol chain Gull has dropped the price of all fuel at its stations from 7am today until midday Thursday.

The 15c a litre discount will apply across its whole network and will see regular 91 drop to an average price of $1.717 per litre, $1.917 per litre for 98 and diesel drop to an average of 94.7c a litre.

Gull pricing analyst Crystal Feist said it wanted to help Kiwis with some savings pre- Christmas time when everyone is busy.

“This 15 cents per litre discount is a little gift from the Gull team to say a ‘Thank You New Zealand’ to our loyal customers for supporting us through this difficult year.”

Feist said there were no minimum or maximum fill restrictions.

“Our price boards and pump prices are simply dropped from 7am today for as much or as little fuel as you like so you can get out and enjoy time with your family.”

The lowest priced sites outside of Auckland region will be Atiamuri which will have 91 priced at $1.587 per litre and Te Kuiti which will have diesel at 79.7c per litre.

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