Covid 19 coronavirus: Three cases in managed isolation

There are three new cases of Covid-19 in managed isolation and a suspected case of the virus on a boat that docked in Tauranga.

Of the three new cases, two are active cases and one is historical.

Of the two active cases:

• One person arrived on December 7. The country of origin is not yet available. They tested positive on arrival and have been transferred to the Auckland quarantine facility.

• One person arrived on December 3 from the United Kingdom via the United Arab Emirates. They tested positive at routine testing at around day three. They have been transferred to the Auckland quarantine facility.

The historical case arrived in New Zealand on December 2 from the United Kingdom via Singapore. This person tested positive at routine testing at around day three. Further investigation indicated this is a historical case, now recovered. This person is in a Christchurch quarantine facility.

Two previously reported cases have now also recovered, so New Zealand’s total number of active cases is 55.

Covid case suspect on boat

A suspected historical case of Covid-19 has been detected in a crew member on the CTG Cobalt, which had docked in the Port of Tauranga from Japan and is now en route to Timaru, the Ministry of Health said.

“No crew members have come ashore, so there is a very low risk of transmission to the New Zealand community. The crew member returned a weak positive Covid-19 test, with a high CT value, indicating an old infection.

“It appears most likely that this crew member had Covid-19 some time ago. They have no symptoms, are recovered and are no longer infectious.”

All other crew members have tested negative and have been on board the vessel for the duration of their voyage, effectively in isolation for 17 days.

“Until the current investigation by public health staff is concluded, no crew members will be allowed to leave the vessel. This case is not yet reported in our official figures while it remains under investigation. Health and port staff who have had minimal contact with the crew, have all been informed and no further action is deemed necessary at this stage,” the ministry said.

There have been no new cases reported in the community since November 21, when the last case linked to the Auckland Defence Force cluster was reported. That person is now tested negative and there are now no active cases listed in the community.

On Tuesday there were still 54 cases listed as “active” in managed isolation – 49 listed as catching Covid “at the border” and five “under investigation” or other.

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