DPS board member Tay Anderson refutes sexual assault allegation

Denver Public Schools board member Tay Anderson said Saturday that an allegation of sexual assault made by a local chapter of Black Lives Matter on behalf of an anonymous woman is untrue.

On Friday, Black Lives Matter 5280 published a public statement saying a woman came to the group in February alleging Anderson had sexually assaulted her. The statement said the woman wants Anderson to issue a public apology and seek help from a licensed professional.

“I am not aware of any actions of mine that could be considered or construed as sexual assault. I am not aware of any past partners who have considered anything I’ve done sexual assault,” Anderson’s statement said. “Until I and the broader community have more comprehensive information, I cannot take the action requested in the BLM5280 statement or address conduct I have no knowledge of.”

Anderson said he has not been contacted by BLM5280 or an individual regarding the allegations.

In its statement, BLM5280 said it will separate itself from Anderson until he responds.

“Bear in mind that although these allegations have not gone through a formal legal process, BLM5280 is fiercely committed to protecting, uplifting and believing Black women, decidedly as it relates to sexual violence,” the statement said. “Until … Anderson has accounted for himself in these ways, he will not be welcome to share space with BLM5280 physically or on any of our platforms.”

Apryl Alexander, BLM5280 community organizer, declined to comment further on the allegations “for the safety of the survivor.”

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