Angela Rayner sparks debate as Labours deputy leader turns DJ

Angela Rayner calls for general election after mini-budget ‘mess’

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Angela Rayner turned DJ for the charity event, blasting and dancing to N-Trance’s Only Love (Set You Free) with a room full of activists and supporters. The Labour Party’s Deputy Leader shared footage of the event showing her dancing to the tune with Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burham looking on from the side of the stage. But the video attracted criticism from social media users, who compared the charity event to Matt Hancock signing up to I’m A Celebrity and questioned her behaviour.

In the caption accompanying the video, Ms Rayner said: “Just can’t be doing a DJ set without a bit of Oldham’s very own N-Trance ⁦#OnlyLoveCanSetYouFree #Manchester.

“Even if you couldn’t make it along last night, you can still donate to support the 1,000 Beds for Christmas campaign, part of the @GMMayorsCharity A Bed Every Night scheme. #ABEN”

Twitter user @Topps1765 commented: “And they mock Matt for going into the jungle.”

His parallel between Mr Hancock and Labour’s deputy leader was quickly shut down by Andy Burnham, who replied: “Because that was for his own enrichment. Angela did not gain personally from last night but gave our homeless charity a lot.”

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@MajorDan31 said: “Great track gents, but I don’t think this is the best way to convince people you’re a serious politician and government in waiting.”

@jwbottomley said: “Astonishing to think that before long she will be Deputy Prime Minister or some such.”

Political commentator Dan Hodges commented: “I like Angela. But Labour need to realise they’ve now got their best chance of forming a government for over a decade.

“And that involves convincing people who still have doubts they’re serious people with a serious plan for leading the country.”

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But his analysis of the video sparked an immediate reaction from across the political sphere, with Liverpool City Region Mayor Steve Rotheram noting the event was “a fundraiser for homeless charities.”

TalkTV commentator Isabel Oakeshott said: “What? Why can’t she have fun on a night out?”

And Ipsos UK pollster Keiran Pedley commented: “Honestly the impact of this on the next election will be precisely zero.”

Labour MP Ben Bradshaw said: “What a misery guts! Dancing is the best therapy. You should try it.”

And FT’s chief Political Commentator Robert Shrimsley commented: ” don’t know how much this stuff matters, but surely a bit of DJ-ing and dancing at a club – ie in a place where its precisely appropriate behaviour – serious people can also have fun.”

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