Ann Widdecombe savages Boris Johnson’s ‘Brexit theatrics’ and predicts ‘fudged’ deal

Ann Widdecombe predicts ‘we are going to get a fudged deal’

Former Brexit Party MEP Ann Widdecombe argued that the UK was set to get a “fudged” Brexit deal from Boris Johnson. While speaking to Ben Habib and Martin Daubney of Brexit Unlocked, Ms Widdecombe argued that she remained severely pessimistic about the future. She argued that despite the comments that a no deal Brexit is more unlikely, this was not going to happen because Boris Johnson would have already walked away from the talks if this was true.

Ms Widdecombe said: “My message at the moment is, calm down.

“We are hearing an awful lot of hype and gloom and doom from the point of view from those who want a deal and a lot of hope from those of us that don’t.

“But we still have until Sunday and if I had to put money on it, I would bet on a fudged deal.

“I don’t think we are going to get a good deal. I don’t think we are going to get no deal. I think we are going to get a fudged deal.

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“I am very sorry if that is disappointing but that is how I see us heading.”

Ms Widdecombe argued why Boris Johnson’s actions made her more sceptical that a no deal could be happening on Brexit.

She continued: “I just don’t believe if Boris Johnson really believed that we weren’t going to get a deal. He would have walked by now.

“This is because the issues remaining are so big but they are not going to be solved in three or four days without massive fudging.

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“So, what is Boris Johnson still there for if there is really a blockage on these three big issues.”

The Brexit Unlocked host pushed for confirmation that Ms Widdecombe believes that the Brexit negotiations are still a “pantomime.”

She replied: “I am saying it is a combination of brinkmanship, theatrics, it is all those things.

“I don’t believe for one moment that the inevitable outcome is no deal, I wish I did.”

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Earlier in the week, Ms Widdecombe predicted that Boris Johnson would bring back a “surrender” Brexit trade deal.

While speaking on TalkRadio she reiterated her lack of confidence in positive conclusion for Britain.

She added that previous political figures, Winston Churchill and Margaret Thatcher would have done a better job at handling Brexit and the EU. 

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