‘Bit rich of SNP on gerrymandering vote!’ Expert hits out at Sturgeon’s plan to fix vote

Scotland's SNP 'needs opposition and challenge' says Oliver

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Nicola Sturgeon stood on a platform for Scottish independence during the Holyrood elections this year but support faded during that time. Expert Jamie Black has hit out at the SNP for who it plans to give the vote to if it was to hold another referendum. He explained that the SNP believes 16-year-olds will win them independence because they “don’t fully understand”.

Speaking to GB News, Mr Black said: “It’s a bit rich of the SNP to argue about gerrymandering the vote.

“They are the ones who have succeeded in lowering the age of voting to 16 because it’s their perception that young people are more likely to vote for separation because they perhaps don’t fully understand what it might entail and have less of a stake in the economy than their parents and grandparents.

“The SNP also changed the rules so you no longer have to have a fixed abode to vote.

“They’re also very keen to allow a vote to anybody who just happens to be a resident in Scotland whereas I say, my own children who grew up in Scotland, consider themselves to be Scots, have every intention of spending the second half of their lives back in Scotland, will not have a vote.

“I think the gerrymandering argument is a bit weak but I certainly agree we need to win the argument over the unity of the UK.”

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