Boris Johnson in heated clash with Labours Bryant over Brexit You rarely correct record

Boris Johnson quizzed by Chris Bryant on Brexit and Hancock

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Labour’s Chris Bryant hounded Boris Johnson with a volley of questioning over the Prime Minister’s ability to “correct the record” as he launched a full assault on the PM’s history of “lies” and statements made. Following a stinging series of questions around whether Mr Johnson sacked disgraced former Health Secretary Matt Hancock, Johnson changed tack and tried to give an example of how his £350 million-a-week to the European Union claims made during the Brexit referendum campaign was in fact an underestimate as he engaged in a fierce stand-off with Bryant.

Mr Bryant slammed: “When a minister lies, they should correct the record – I assume you agree?

“They might do so inadvertently.

“That is the general assumption of how we do our business in parliament, that no minister deliberately lies,

“Though there have been occasions in our history where that has happened and a minister has been forced to resign.”

“It seems that you very rarely correct the record? Why is that?”

Boris hit back, insisting: “I think I am going to need you to give me chapter and verse there as they say.”

Mr Bryant did not back down, slamming: “I think there are plenty of instances where you have been told by various independent and outside bodies that the precise words that you have used have not been the precise and accurate version of events.

The Prime Minister went off-tack, hitting back: “It is commonly asserted for instance, that when we put the figure of £350 million a week on the side of a bus which went round this country causing a great deal of hoo-ha.

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“That that was erroneous… That’s probably one of the things you are thinking of Mr Bryant?”

Mr Bryant slammed; “No, no, I’m thinking of did you sack Matt Hancock?

“Did you sack Matt Hancock!”

The Prime Minister said: “This was a figure that related to the gross sum that the UK gave to the EU budget…. actually it turned out to be anything a slight under-estimate!”

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