Brexit-hating model says leaving bloc has ‘trapped’ her in UK

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Honour May Spencer voted remain in the 2016 referendum and believes leaving the Brussels-run bloc was a “huge mistake” for the country as a whole.

The 27-year-old also hates Brexit on a personal level because it has made it “all but impossible” to realise her dream of moving to Spain because she is self-employed and works in the adult industry.

Speaking to, Honour, from Knutsford in Cheshire, said: “I tried to move to America as the first lockdown started in 2020 and that ended that plan.

“I would emigrate to Spain if we were still in the EU but being self-employed and working in the adult industry makes it very difficult.

“You need to have a job or have a company sponsor you which I don’t.

“So unless I have a substantial amount of money in my bank account – which I don’t – it is pretty much impossible for me to move.

“Before Brexit it was so easy – even my own mother emigrated and I know a lot of people jumped ship last minute.

“I never took that opportunity and I am living to regret it now.

“It would have given me breathing room from being so restricted and trapped in the UK like I currently am.”

The current rules have not prevented Honour from travelling and she previously used a “loophole” to stay on mainland Europe for twice the 90-day limit UK citizens are currently allowed to remain continuously in EU countries.

Unfortunately for her, this trick has not enabled her to live and work continuously in an EU state without applying for some kind of visa – which she fears she would never get.

“It’s incredibly frustrating but I feel with the way things are currently I have no option but to remain in the UK,” she said.

Despite wanting to move abroad, Honour still enjoys a good quality of life in the UK – earning around £5,000-a-month through webcamming on Onlyfans, as well as performing and modelling.

Unfortunately, she believes that the UK is currently on a downward trajectory and our trading relationship with the EU needs to improve.

“At the moment things are so difficult regardless of what you want to do,” she said.

“That needs to change because it is causing all this completely unnecessary aggravation that we could really do without.”

A spokesman for tax specialist Allen and Atherton said that Brexit has “radically changed” the UK’s jobs market.

“Whether that be for UK citizens wanting to emigrate or foreign nationals wanting to come to the country things have changed hugely since exiting the EU,” they added.

“Whether this changes is up to the government but we always advise anyone with work who is thinking of emigrating to the EU to look at the visa criteria.

“Before Brexit UK citizens could just go to an EU country, even if they didn’t have a job.

“That has all now changed and people have to do a lot more groundwork before even thinking of moving.”

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