Britain has saved £72bn! German MEP celebrates Brexit as he lays into EU spending plans

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The Alternative for Germany MEP said the EU had used the global pandemic to launch a “coup d’etat” to seize more powers for Brussels. “Good news! Brexit has saved Britain €80 billion – roughly the sum the recovery fund would have cost Britain,” he proclaimed. Mr Beck launched an assault on the European Commission and Council, claiming eurocrats had flouted the bloc’s own rules to create the €750 billion aid pot.

He said the EU Treaty should not allow for the bloc to borrow funds on international markets to fund its spending plans.

But he also hit out at German Chancellor Angela Merkel for acting like a “superpower”.

Mr Beck said: “Merkel is acting as if Germany today is a superpower, like the USA after the war, and is imposing German taxpayers money on others.”


He added: “Von der Leyen is planning EU taxes and is taking on EU debt illegally. Christine Lagarde is printing illegal trillions of euros.

“Three women are managing the EU, that’s not a problem. However, they’re expensive women in Europe since Madame De Pomadour.”

The European Parliament was debating the €1.8 trillion spending plans agreed by EU leaders earlier this week after marathon summit talks ended in a deal.

During the acrimonious talks, that lasted almost 100 hours, governments agreed to allow the Commission to borrow €390 billion to distribute as grants to pandemic-stricken regions and industries across the bloc.

The package was celebrated by arch-federalist Guy Verhofstadt and the EU Council President Charles Michel said it was a “historic” step towards further European integration.

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