Don’t care about Scotland! Sturgeon and Salmond shamed over ‘dangerous’ IndyRef2 plot

SNP slammed over independence plans by Murdo Fraser

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Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has insisted she will press ahead with plans for Scottish independence if the party can win a majority at Thursday’s crunch elections. The SNP released its election manifesto, which says: “We are seeking your permission at this election for an independence referendum to be held after Covid – when the crisis has passed but in time for us to equip our Parliament with the full powers it needs to drive our long-term recovery from Covid.” Mr Salmond, who was First Minister when Scots voted against a split from the UK in 2014, launched the Alba Party just six weeks ago.

He is pushing for a pro-independence “super-majority” of MSPs in the Scottish parliament to help his latest referendum plot.

But Scottish Conservative leader Mr Ross, who takes his party into the election in the hope of denying an SNP majority, warned if Ms Sturgeon achieves that, there will be no check or control on her party in Government”.

He claimed Nationalists like Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon aren’t interested in protecting jobs and improving our educational standards or supporting the NHS, insisting the SNP will always put the Nationalist interest above all else.

He told “The polls are on a knife-edge. Some polls say Nicola Sturgeon will win an outright majority and therefore there will be no check or control on her party in Government.

“Other polls suggest that where the Scottish Conservatives make gains, then we can stop that SNP majority.

“But it’s then vital that people go with the tried and tested method, and that’s the Scottish Conservatives and not newer, smaller parties who might not get enough support to elect an MSP that could do enough to stop one of our MSPs from being elected.

“People now have to focus on the stark choice we have, and the clear method to stop an SNP majority.

“The Alba Party have been clear from day one in a new parliament, if they have MSPs, they will be pressing ahead with independence.

“Alex Salmond has said those discussions should happen as soon as the next parliament is formed.”

In a further stark warning, the Scottish Tory leader added: “We need to stop that because it would be reckless, dangerous for Scotland and our recovery.

“Nationalists like Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon aren’t interested in protecting jobs and improving our educational standards or supporting the NHS.

“They are only interested in separating Scotland from the rest of the UK.

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“The SNP will always put the Nationalist interest ahead of the national interest in Scotland.

“They are obsessed with their party political priority and not the priorities of the people of Scotland.”

Mr Ross and Ms Sturgeon were involved in a furious row over the First Minister’s plans for Scottish independence during the final live televised debate of party leaders on Tuesday evening.

Host Glenn Campbell asked the Scottish Tory leader: “The Scottish Conservatives tweeted yesterday that an SNP majority is a guarantee of an independence referendum. In what way is it a guarantee?”

Mr Ross replied: “If she (Nicola Sturgeon) gets a majority, she will take her eye off the ball for Scotland’s recovery, for rebuilding this country and seek to hold another independence referendum.

“She will seek a Section 30 order, which the Prime Minister has said is absolutely the wrong thing to do right now to seek to divide the country again.

“He would then say the priority has to be our recovery, and then Nicola Sturgeon would say we will go ahead with an illegal, wildcat referendum anyway.”

However, Mr Campbell replied: “That isn’t what it says in their manifesto or 11-point plan.

“If the SNP win a majority from this election, will there be a referendum or not?”

Mr Ross maintained: “They will hold an illegal wildcat referendum.”

But Ms Sturgeon raged: “No we won’t. I’ve always said that, Douglas.

“I know your campaign has perhaps not been the most successful campaign, but don’t start to issue smears and just tell untruths about my position and what I’ve said.

“I’ve said consistently all along, sometimes to criticism from people in my own side of the argument.

“I would not countenance an illegal referendum – not least because it would not deliver independence and I want Scotland in the fullness of time and due course to become an independent country.”

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