Election results 2021: When will we know the results? Full list

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Elections in the UK are happening this year after being postponed in 2020 as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Every adult in England, Scotland and Wales will be able to cast at least one vote, which is very rare outside of a general election. Estimated ballot results always come with a warning they should be taken with a pinch of salt, and were subject to change in light of new information, But in the case of 2021 elections, they will likely be even more vague as the pandemic restrictions are still in place and authorities are unsure how long it will take to count votes while sticking to social distancing requirements. But here’s an estimate as to when you can expect the results for each election.

London Mayoral elections

London’s mayoral elections has been dubbed a “two-horse race” as Tory and Labour candidates Shaun Bailey and Sadiq Khan go head-to-head.

The London-wide mayoral seat result could come late on Saturday night, but there’s every chance it’ll be Sunday.

Results from seven constituency seats – Bexley & Bromley; Brent & Harrow; Ealing & Hillingdon; Havering & Redbridge; Lambeth & Southwark and North East and West Central – could be declared on Friday evening.

The remaining seven seats will be revealed on Saturday afternoon and evening.

Hartlepool by-election

Hartlepool’s by-election to select a new MP is sure to be a historic one, and the result is expected between 4am and 6am on Friday morning.

Scottish Parliament – Holyrood

Scotland’s election results will be split up into Friday and Saturday, with different constituencies being counted across the two days.

Overnight counting won’t be taking place this year thanks to the pandemic restrictions, and 46 constituencies are expected to be counted on Friday.

The remaining 27 will not be counted until Saturday in an effort to enable the remaining 56 regional seats to be calculated and allocated, with the final result expected Saturday afternoon.

Welsh Assembly

Wales is voting in 40 constituencies using First Past the Post (FPTP) and five regional Proportional Representation (PR) top up seats.

Counting is due to take place during the day on Friday, with results Fromm FPTP expected to trickle through between 3pm and 5pm.

Results from the five regional PR top-up seats are expected later on Friday night.

Police and Crime Commissioners

There are elections for 39 PCCs in England and Wales, with counts for four expected during the day on Friday and results in the afternoon and evening.

Three of the four Welsh PCC counts are expected to take place during the day on Sunday, while the South Wales count could take place at the same time.

Fifteen counts are due during the day on Monday, with results understood to be coming out in the afternoon and evening.

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Local elections

Elections are happening across 143 English councils, with 19 expected to be counted overnight and release results early Friday morning.

A majority of the councils – 74 in total – are understood to be counting during the day on Friday and to release results that night.

Overall, results will be released throughout the course of the weekend with the latest expected on Monday.

Mayoral elections outside London

There are 12 other mayoral elections taking place in England, with Doncaster counting overnight Friday and the results expected early in the morning.

Liverpool is counting during the day on Friday, with results expected as early as 2.30pm.

The Bristol mayoral race is expected during the evening on Friday, estimated about 6pm, following the result of the West of England regional mayoral poll, which could be at noon.

The West Yorkshire count is expected during the day on Sunday, and timings have not been confirmed for Cambridgeshire & Peterborough, and for Tees Valley.

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