EU branded ‘bullies’ as Peter Bone launches in furious rant against bloc’s ‘petty’ demands

Peter Bone calls EU ‘bullies’ over vaccines

The Tory MP has accused the European Union of trying to cover up for their own failings in the dispute with AstraZeneca over vaccine supplies to member states. Mr Bone added that the delay in the vaccine rollout across Europe was down to “petty political infighting.” The Conservative MP for Wellingborough and Rushden pulled no punches in his assessment of the ongoing row and said that Brussels was making a lot of noise in an attempt “to jump the queue” as they find themselves lagging behind the UK vaccination program.

Mr Bone told TalkRADIO’s Julia Hartley-Brewer that the row proved what Brexit was about.

He said: “It proves what Brexit was about in a concrete way

“You know the slogan ‘take back control’ I think people understood it but what did that mean in practical terms?

“Well have seen it haven’t we, we have acted quickly.”

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“Credit to Boris and the people who had the foresight to order 360 million doses of vaccines from different suppliers, poured money into, helped the development and once they were available, get them approved quickly and get them distributed very quickly,” he added.

Mr Bone continued: “Well, they are becoming bullies now, they are trying to cover up for their own failures and as a bully, they are charging around.

“But of course the way to deal with bullies is to stand up to them and AstraZeneca and the other vaccine companies are standing up to them

“All bullies are cowards and they will back down.



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“I mean if they think by making a lot of noise and trying to jump the queue they can cover up for their failures I think they are gravely mistaken.”

The Conservative MP added: “More than 11 per cent of our population is now vaccinated.

“It is a really good example of how an independent country can work.

“When we have seen what has happened in the EU with inefficiency, bureaucracy and petty political infighting, and their way, way behind us.”

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Ms Hartley Brewer also weighed and said the EU was “trying to point the finger” and place the fault elsewhere for the problems delaying its vaccination programme.

She said: “It is absolutely extraordinary and shows the lengths to which they will go to to try to point the finger elsewhere.”

Brussels has reacted furiously after British-Swedish firm AstraZeneca announced it would be unable to fulfil the demand to the EU for several weeks due to unexplained “reduced yields” in its European supply chain.

EU officials have since made several bold claims and demands, and have even threatened to ban vaccine exports.

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