EU member states live in fear of dinosaur organisation but more will leave! – MP

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Following the UK’s example, other states will soon contemplate their future as part of the failing EU project, Marco Longhi said. Not only do member states live in fear of the organisation but are terrified of leaving the bloc as they would be punished by Brussels, the MP said. Commenting on the current situation, Mr Longi told “I think people live in fear.

“On the European continent, they live in fear of change, fear of detaching themselves from something very, very big.

“They are scared of, if you like, of stepping into the unknown and themselves being punished.

“I have no doubt about that.”

Since the UK left the EU, Euroscepticism has grown within some member states.

Indeed, campaigners have hit out at the Covid recovery fund, treatment of the UK post-Brexit and lack of inaction over the allegations levelled at China regarding ethnic minorities in Xinjiang.

Even prominent Europhile MEP, Guy Verhofstadt has criticised the EU’s behaviour over China.

Swedish MEP, Charlie Weimers also told earlier this year anti-EU sentiment was now growing in the country.

Indeed, he pinpointed the clashes with the UK and the growing power of France and Germany as reasons for the growing Swexit movement.

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Poland and Hungary have also criticised the bloc amid their clashes with the Commission.

The Commission has taken out Rule of Law proceedings against both states for violating the bloc’s values, although no material action has yet been taken.

For these reasons, Mr Longhi believes some within the EU project may start to believe it is failing.

Mr Longhi added: “Privately I have no doubt that individuals working within that dinosaur organisation will be certainly thinking these thoughts.

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“Whether they are brave enough to actually voice their news, is a separate matter.

“I just cannot conceive, that in 10 years time, we will look at the makeup of what is project EU now and in 10 years time it be exactly the same.

“It wouldn’t surprise me if it failed completely, or becomes a much smaller organisation of countries.”

The MP also warned of plans to create a powerful EU nationstate whereby sovereign powers of individual states were removed.

He concluded: “”I think it’s been known in wider circles that this has been the plan among EU members, particularly certain EU members and the Commission.

“I mean, Guy Verhofstadt has been quite open about that in a number of his speeches.

“They want to ultimately remove what sovereign powers each individual member state has.

“If you like, even though each state would then be identified by the name, they become a vassal state to this superpower, with all their powers centralised in Brussels and Strasburg.”

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