French MEP sparks FURY by accusing Boris Johnson of ‘underestimating determination’ of EU

Boris Johnson arrives in Brussels for final Brexit talks

The MEP was asked by host Emily Maitlis what she thought about the Prime Minister’s negotiations with the trading block. Twitter users responded to Ms Clapot’s questioning whether she had got it wrong, calling for the EU to compromise. It comes as Mr Johnson and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen have given themselves until the end of the week to strike a deal ahead of the UK’s Brexit transition period ending on January 1.

Ms Clapot claimed the Prime Minister had miscalculated the EU’s ability to negotiate and was paying the price with the risk of a no-deal Brexit.

She said on Newsnight: “Somebody said that strength comes from unity and the European Union is really united.

“I’m afraid that maybe the British prime minister underestimated the determination of the European Union, so if there will be no-deal then there will be no-deal.

“It will be a pity for both the United Kingdom and European Union but it’s time now to come to a compromise and to make some concessions.”

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Twitter users lashed out at the French MEP for her comments, with one user saying of her appearance: “How condescending can you get?”

The same user added: “loved the bit where she explains that her boss Macron should be too busy this weekend to meet up in person with anybody from Britain. Because he needs to save the planet.”

Ms Clapot actually replied to the comment, defending her appearance on the BBC show.

She said: “A MP is elected by citizens, independently from the President. I support President Emmanuel Macron and I am part of his majority. BUT he isn’t my boss.”

Other Twitter users rubbished the MEPs claims Mr Johnson had misjudged the EU’s “determination”, saying the opposite was true.

One user said: “Or the EU underestimated the determination of Boris to ensure that Brexit meant sovereignty. Time to give up on this charade.

Another added: “I think the opposite, the EU underestimated the determination of Boris and they need to make concessions.”

One more user said: “What compromise? Continue to work to EU dictate?”

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But Remainers also defended Ms Clapot’s appearance, taking Brexiteers to task in the comments.

One user said: “You don’t understand how global trade works do you?

“You do realise you can’t be 100 percent sovereign when it comes to trade. It’s impossible.”

Another added: “Would Johnson allow the EU to have their cake and eat it if the roles were reversed? No chance.”

It comes as Mr Johnson and Ms von der Leyen continue their last minute negotiations in the hopes of striking a trade agreement for the UK.

The Prime Minister had flown to Brussels to meet with the President, with Mr Johnson joining her for dinner yesterday.

A Number 10 spokesperson said “very large gaps remain” between the UK and EU over terms for a deal but talks will continue.

They added: “The PM and VDL agreed that by Sunday a firm decision should be taken about the future of the talks.”

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