Galloway savaged by former comrade Ken Livingstone – Denied Labour comfortable landslide

Galloway stopped Labour 'landslide' says Livingstone

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Former Mayor of London Ken Livingston has blasted George Galloway for eating into Labour’s vote share in the Batley and Spen by-election. Mr Livingstone, who was an MP with the Workers Party of Britain firebrand before both were later kicked out of the Labour Party, told GB News Labour would have secured a “comfortable landslide” had Mr Galloway decided not to run.

Livingstone told GB News: “We were both in Parliament together we were always on the same side in all the rows that were going on.

“I have been amazed to see him saying those sort of things I mean literally to say the election should be cancelled is just bonkers.”

It comes after Mr Galloway demanded a recount of the Batley-and-Spen by-election result and threatened to take the Labour to court.

Mr Livingston was asked whether the outspoken Workers Party of Britain leader was himself “bonkers.”

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The former Mayor of London told GB News: “I think the problem is if you have been a member of Parliament and then the Labour Party kicks you out you don’t have very much to do.

“You can become a bit eccentric.

“When I was kicked out of the Labour Party I’d got a family to look after and all of that so I was kept quite busy.

“I carried out getting stuff in media interviews and things like that but literally I would simply say to George don’t keep throwing yourself into crucial by-elections.”

George Galloway to apply to have election result ‘set aside’

Mr Livingstone added: “Because we all thought Labour was going to lose we have been amazed it hasn’t.

“But if George Galloway hadn’t taken away so many Labour votes this would have been a comfortable landslide.”

The former Labour MP’s claims were met with ridicule from some GB News viewers on social media.

One wrote: “More comedy gold from deluded Ken. 


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“A career in stand-up beckons.”

Elsewhere another said: “So Labour lost votes to Galloway.

“What on earth does that say about Labour?”

Another user added: “That’s it Ken, keep blaming someone else.”

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