‘Get over it!’ Guy Verhofstadt’s Brexit jibe backfires as Twitter users turn on EU chief

UK vaccine success ‘got under skin’ of von der Leyen says expert

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Mr Verhofstadt took to social media in the wake of Mrs von der Leyen’s suggestion that the ongoing difficulties when it to checks on goods travelling between Northern Ireland and Great Britain were down to Brexit, rather than the Northern Ireland Protocol aimed at preventing a hard border on the island. The MEP and former Brexit representative for the European Parliament posted: “Never forget: this Brexit was a result of choices made by the British Government.

“Different choices were also possible. But the protocol is the only way to protect peace in Northern Ireland.

“Everyone has come to terms with this except those in who cheered it on!”

However, plenty of respondents were unpersuaded to back the former Belgian Prime Minister’s point of view.

Jolyon Down said: “YOU JUST DON’T GET IT..DO YOU?

“The majority in UK despise the EU project. Who in their right minds want to be governed by self-serving EUcrats like you, Juncker, Tusk, Von der Leyen. Not one person in UK voted for them.”

John Bent added: “Get over it. We keep hearing that the Protocol is the only way of keeping the peace.

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We made the choice you fool!

Nigel White

“The first solution of any plan isn’t necessarily the best and could be fined tuned but you and the rest of the EU govt are still bitter about the democratic vote. It will be your downfall.”

Nigel White: “We made the choice you fool! The government act on our wishes, unlike the corrupt and undemocratic EU.

“We are leaving you behind in our dust, soon to be followed by France, Italy and others, you will be lonely then, as people realise you just want a federal EU state!”

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Another Twitter user said: “Pipe down on your side of the fence.

“Brexit was a direct result of your precious Franco-Germany vanity project’s failure to listen to its member states.

“Proven by your collective inability to procure and roll out the vaccine program.”

Others suggested Mr Verhofstadt’s tweet demonstrated his inability to understand the root causes of Brexit.

One posted: “It was a choice made by the British people due to the intransigence and arrogance of you and your EU colleagues.”

Similarly, another said: “Guy, what you have to realise is the UK will not be controlled by you or the Commission anymore.

“You demanded we look after your border. You did it for leverage. You will now regret it.”

A third claimed: “Brexit was the outcome of something you dislike, it’s called democracy.”

However, not everyone disagreed with him.

Jul Carson said: “Well said, Mr Verhofstadt. Other choices, such as not doing this ludicrous Brexit were available to UK Govt.

“Many of us identify as European still think the decision to place a border down the Irish Sea was always doomed to failure. Now we must accept the certainty of a United Ireland.”

Speaking on Monday, Mrs von der Leyen said: “The beginnings are not easy, tensions are being felt around the access, for example, of EU fishing boats, or tensions are without any doubt there around the implementation of the Protocol of Northern Ireland.”

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