Gloating Emmanuel Macron ally demands Brexit be used as blueprint for future trade deals

Brexit deal ‘limits’ UK’s ‘ability to be sovereign’ says Beaune

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The French Secretary of State for European Affairs, heard on February 11 in the Senate, believes that the post-Brexit agreement must serve as a model to be emulated, in order to “raise the level of ambition.”

He said: “We need to be able to apply it to other trade agreements. With Franck Riester [Foreign Trade] and Julien Denormandie [Agriculture and Food], in the negotiation of trade agreements.

“I intend to use it.

“It must be the condition for the acceptability of new trade agreements.”

Mr Beaune underlined the agreement signed with the British guaranteed a certain number of “unique” rules in order to ensure fair competition and to verify compliance with European environmental, agricultural and industrial standards or state aid.

Dubbed Macron’s “mini-me” by Brexiteers in the UK, Mr Beaune has been a staunch critic of Britain’s decision to leave the bloc.

The French President’s right hand has delivered a series of scathing attacks on the UK since Brexit finally became a reality in January.

A former Tory minister has described the 39-year-old as the French President’s “mini-me” and claims he has an agenda towards the UK.

They told Politico: “He appears to be Macron’s mini-me and looks as if he is trying to make a bit of a reputation for himself by being beastly to the Brits.

“To be honest, he hasn’t made much impact on this side of the Channel.”

Mr Beaune publically branded Brexit a “bad thing” for the UK and outlined plans to abolish the English language being spoken in the bloc.

He said: “I think we need to say what we think; I continue to think that Brexit is a bad thing, it’s a personal and political opinion, it will be a bad thing for the UK, it’s not good news for the EU.”

The French official also insisted the UK would one-day reverse the result of the 2016 EU referendum and rejoin the bloc.

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Mr Beaune said: “I know it wasn’t a happy day for them or for me, I don’t forget that in some areas, like Scotland, Brexit is still a difficult moment.

“I don’t forget that there are veterans and youths who were hoping for a future within the EU and hope to rebuild it another way or return one day.

“I hope the UK will return to the EU one day, to be honest.”

The French politician has also been a strong defender of the European framework, insisting the current difficulties faced by the bloc lie in “industrial production” and resorting to “national procedures” would not be a solution to the problems.

He tweeted: “Vaccines – I firmly believe in this European framework, not out of ideology, but because today the difficulties lie in industrial production.

“Resorting to national procedures would not solve the problem.”

Mr Beaune warned the EU could punish vaccine maker AstraZeneca if the firm was found to have prioritised its contract to deliver jabs to Britain over the bloc.

He said: “These are serious accusations, so it is not done lightly.

“I am not saying that there is a problem but if there is a problem and that we have favoured other destinations, other countries – for example, the UK over us – then we will defend our interests.

“Our contracts need to be respected.

“Respecting contracts are not moral commitments, they are legal commitments.

“Penalties or sanctions can be triggered in every contract.”

Additional reporting by Maria Ortega

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