Has Boris Johnson already left Downing Street? Moving crews spotted outside Number 10

Boris Johnson 'nostalgia' among tory members says expert

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The Prime Minister has taken a second summer holiday this week, Downing Street has confirmed, as Mr Johnson is enjoying time abroad in Greece just a week after a stay in Slovenia. No10 has confirmed ministers will not contact him while he is on “leave” for anything but “urgent issues”, as the UK faces a rapidly escalating cost of living crisis and the war in Ukraine continues to rage. Moving vans have appeared outside his official residence, leaving some wondering whether Mr Johnson has quietly slipped out via the back door before his replacement takes over.

Has Boris Johnson already left Downing Street?

Mr Johnson is not due to officially leave Downing Street until Conservative Party members have chosen his successor.

Ballots opened at the beginning of August and close on Tuesday, September 2, with the next Tory leader announced on Friday, September 5.

The recent activity outside his Government home has suggested he may have flown the nest slightly earlier.

Reporters spotted workers from moving company Bishop’s Move outside Downing Street on August 15.

While they did not confirm what the movers had taken from the residence, officials have not denied Mr Johnson and his family have moved out early.

Number 10 told The Times there was no confirmation that he would return to Downing Street after his Greek holiday.

He and Mrs Johnson have lived in a flat above Number 11 since the Prime Minister took office in 2019.

The couple has welcomed two children, Wilfred Lawrie Nicholas, two, and eight-month-old Romy Iris Charlotte Johnson, while residing there.

The couple has also decorated the home extensively, reportedly making up to £112,549 of changes to the flat, including “gold” wallpaper worth £2,250.

Mr Johnson cannot take all of this, as the Prime Minister may only take home what he has bought.

Prime Ministers have an official renovation budget of £30,000, provided by taxpayer funds.

They must pay for anything exceeding this with their own money and can only take home items they have purchased privately.

A Number 10 spokesman said: “That which was provided through the taxpayer grant remains and the prime minister is able to take that which was paid for [by] himself.”

While there is no confirmation that he has left, opposition figures have accused Mr Johnson of creating a “zombie” Government.

Labour has said he is “missing in action” as the country faces an “emergency” cost of living crisis this summer.

Speaking on LBC this morning, ex-Northern Ireland secretary Brandon Lewis said the Prime Minister was still working.

Asked whether he had “thrown in the towel” the Tory MP for Great Yarmouth said he would “still be dealing with national security issues where relevant”.

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