‘Has Sturgeon got off lightly?’ BBC host skewers Scottish minister over Indy obsession

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The BBC Breakfast host suggested Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon may have not received the necessary scrutiny on her performance during the coronavirus pandemic because of her ongoing campaign for independence. Ms Burden challenged SNP Finance Minister Kate Forbes to explain how Ms Sturgeon managed to avoid major backlash despite the high death rate among care home residence since the start of the Covid outbreak. The BBC Breakfast presenter said: “Your conference will look at the Scottish Government’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

“I just wonder if, perhaps, Nicola Sturgeon has got off a little light when you look at the stats, when you look at the fact that Scotland has one of the highest deaths per million of any comparable country in Western Europe.

“Thirty times higher than Norway when you look at the proportion of people who died from Covid in care homes.

“Even away from coronavirus, in fact, then the handling of the Alex Salmon inquiry and her refusal to produce legal documents despite repeated votes in the Scottish Government asking for them.

“And yet she seems to be utterly focused on questions of independence without addressing any of that. Is that right?”

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Ms Forbes rejected the claims and insisted the Scottish people would also disagree with the negative assessment from Ms Burden.

The SNP minister said: “I refute a lot of that.

“And I think the people of Scotland would refute that as well if you look at the current polling figures.”

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