Kayleigh McEnany gets damning reality check after blasting Joe Biden's speech

White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany sparked anger and backlash on Twitter Monday after she ranted about what she described as President-elect Joe Biden’s “DIVISIVE” speech.

Biden called out President Donald Trump’s futile efforts to overturn the 2020 election result in a fiery address after the Electoral College confirmed he would become the next president.

“We all wish that our fellow Americans in these positions will always show such courage and commitment to free and fair elections, but it is my sincere hope we never again see anyone subjected to the kind of threats and abuse we saw from the selection,” said Biden. “It’s simply unconscionable.”

McEnany lashed out with this tweet:

Joe Biden should not ever utter the words “unprecedented assault on democracy.”

THIS was an “assault on democracy” ⬇️

❌ THREE YEAR fake Russia investigation

❌ BASELESS impeachment

❌ RIGGING election with mass mail-in voting w/ no safeguards

This is a DIVISIVE speech!

— Kayleigh McEnany (@kayleighmcenany) December 15, 2020

Twitter applied a fact-checking label to the post, noting that McEnany’s “claim about election fraud is disputed.”

Other Twitter users then followed suit:

Kayleigh, the Office of Government Ethics has advised that you can file a termination financial disclosure report early if you update it on your last day to disclose any new interests. You can also ask the ethics office about post-employment restrictions, now that you’re leaving.

— Walter Shaub (@waltshaub) December 15, 2020

Crying to the bitter end.

— Chidi®️ (@ChidiNwatu) December 15, 2020

Get used to it, Kayleigh. Your abuse of our great country has gone on long enough. Say Goodbye.

— Josh Marshall (@joshtpm) December 15, 2020

You will go down as the most shamelessly deceitful press secretary to ever disgrace the office.

This is your legacy.

— bob clendenin 🇺🇸 (@bobclendenin) December 15, 2020

Kayleigh, I’m not surprised by this or even disappointed in you. I’m embarrassed for you.

— Keith Boykin (@keithboykin) December 15, 2020


— Michael Marshall Smith (@ememess) December 15, 2020

No. YOU are being divisive. Your claims are all baseless.

— Graham Heathcote (@4wding) December 15, 2020


— Another Jennifer 🦀🎂 (@oinkoint22) December 15, 2020

Lying becomes you

— Jennifer Taub (@jentaub) December 15, 2020

Do you need cardboard boxes?

— John Pavlovitz (@johnpavlovitz) December 15, 2020


— Kevin M. Kruse (@KevinMKruse) December 15, 2020

Start practicing your dance moves.
You are next.
Lol. pic.twitter.com/JPSgMVifEO

— JBN RN (@JNelsonRN) December 15, 2020

That’s President Elect @JoeBiden to you.

— Chris D. Jackson (@ChrisDJackson) December 15, 2020

Its divisive to the extent it is dividing the conspiracy theorists and crooks from everyone else who acknowledges the results of a free and fair election

— Don Moynihan (@donmoyn) December 15, 2020

Shhhh, the President-elect is speaking. pic.twitter.com/kZzC74xeag

— Jules Walker (@Julsmerk21) December 15, 2020

Time to go, Kayleigh! pic.twitter.com/7MTYwSo6re

— Gus (@Gus_802) December 15, 2020

Bye. Not gonna miss you at all. History won’t remember you for anything but the most embarrassing fool to ever stand at that podium.

— Fred Wellman (@FPWellman) December 15, 2020


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