Labour chaos: Anneliese Dodds scrambles in embarrassing U-turn over ‘patriotism strategy’

Labour: Anneliese Dodds grilled by Nick Ferrari on ‘spin’

Labour has suffered a bruising week after a leaked political strategy urged the party to prioritise ‘patriotism’ in order to win back its red wall seats. In a shambolic interview with Nick Ferrari, Labour’s own shadow chancellor Anneliese Dodds dismissed the strategy before quickly backtracking. Speaking to LBC, the senior Labour politician suggested that the patriotism strategy was nothing more than “spin”.

However, in an embarrassing U-turn, Ms Dodds backtracked when grilled by Mr Ferrari moments later.

The LBC host asked: “Is the secret to winning back your foundation seats to dress smartly and salute the flag?

“Is that the way to win back the trust of the north and part of the Midlands?”

Ms Dodds responded: “I think when I talk to people they’re not interested in spin.”

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Mr Ferrari seized on this: “Ah! So it was spin? I thought so.”

This prompted a quick U-turn from the Labour frontbencher, who responded: “No, I wouldn’t say that.”

She continued: “We are putting forward policies that will make our country stronger for the future.

“We have seen how our key workers have shown the best of our country and yet we have still had those awful outcomes economically and in health terms.”

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Viewers picked up on the confusion around the strategy, with one listener remarking on social media: “Labour have got it so wrong on many counts.”

Another added: “The electorate are interested in the truth. We don’t like smoke and mirrors.”

A leaked party report earlier this week said Labour should “make use of the flag, veterans and dressing smartly” as part of a rebranding to win back “red wall” voters who switched to Conservatives in 2019.


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The strategy document recommends that the party should deploy patriotic themes to give voters a “sense of authentic values alignment”.

Comments gathered from focus groups which were included in the presentation pointed to Sir Keir’s indecisiveness on key issues.

Labour’s head of research claimed voters were confused about “what we stand for, and what our purpose is, but also who we represent”.

The leaked strategy has been criticised by a number of MPs, including former shadow cabinet ministers Clive Lewis, who said it risked alienating young and BAME voters.

A recent poll found the Labour leader was found to be “less relatable” than Boris Johnson.

New data gathered by Number Cruncher Politics UK for ITV’s Peston also shows Boris Johnson’s Conservative were on 43 percent, ahead of Labour on 37 percent.

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