Labour in CRISIS as Keir Starmer approval ratings plummet – latest damning charts

Boris Johnson ‘shakes his head’ during Keir Starmer’s speech

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Following a devastating election defeat for the Labour Party in 2019 under Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership, Sir Keir Starmer was elected to lead the party to victory. But since becoming Labour leader in April 2020, Sir Keir’s popularity on polling site YouGov has fluctuated.

Sir Keir’s approval rating reached a peak on June 8 and on August 3, with 48 percent of those surveyed stating he was doing well as Labour leader.

However, according to the most recent data on August 29, Starmer’s popularity has significantly plummeted.

The most recent results show only 20 percent of people asked agreed that Sir Keir was doing well as party leader.

A further 21 percent of people said they didn’t know if he was doing well or badly.

But starkly, a staggering 59 percent of those surveyed said Starmer was doing badly in his role as Labour leader.

This is a sharp increase in disapproval since May 10, 2020, when only 17 percent thought he was doing badly in his role.

Although a large proportion of people disapproved of Sir Keir’s performance in the latest survey, his most recent result is actually an improvement from past months.

On May 10, 2021, 65 percent of people surveyed said the Labour leader was doing badly in his role, which is to date is Sir Keir’s worst approval score on YouGov.

How do approval ratings for Keir Starmer compare to Boris Johnson?

Data from September 2 to 3 shows the Conservatives only slightly leading ahead of Labour for voting intention.

YouGov/Times voting figures show 38 percent of those surveyed would vote Conservative should an election be held tomorrow, while 34 percent would vote Labour.

Eight percent of people would vote for the Liberal Democrats, while 10 percent would vote Green.

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And based on responses to the YouGov survey, ‘Who do you think would make the best Prime Minister?’, Mr Johnson narrowly leads with 32 percent, while 27 percent back Sir Keir.

However, the latest survey data is from September 2 to 3, before several new announcements were made at Westminster.

This week the Prime Minister announced there would be a break from the Conservative manifesto pledge not to raise National Insurance, with a 1.25 percent hike set for National Insurance and tax on dividends.

The Conservatives have also broken another manifesto pledge this week by temporarily pausing the State Pension triple lock.

Due to a staggeringly high increase in the rate of earnings due to the pandemic, earnings will not be used as a determining factor for next year’s State Pension increase.

The Conservatives have effectively introduced a temporary “double lock”, meaning the State Pension will only increase by either inflation or 2.5 percent, whichever is higher.

The tax upheaval and the State Pension triple lock changes may reflect negatively on the Prime Minister in the next set of polling data.

And depending on how Sir Keir and the Labour Party respond, Labour could see approval ratings increase in the next set of polling results.

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