Mark Francois answers YOUR burning questions on Brexit, Boris and more…HERE

Mark Francois: EU project is almost akin to a religion

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What do you want to know about Brexit? Mark Francois, a vocal Brexiteer and MP for Rayleigh and Wickford, is here to answer your questions. Mr Francois is the current chair of the European Research Group (ERG) – a group that provides research and coordinates activity for eurosceptic Conservative MPs.

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The outspoken Brexiteer was one of the 28 Conservative MPs who refused to back Theresa May’s Brexit deal on the grounds that it would keep Britain tied to the European Union.

And his recent memoir, Spartan Victory: The Inside Story of the Battle for Brexit, provides a first hand account of “what was really going on” behind the scenes during the struggle to deliver on the 2016 Brexit referendum.

From calling on the Government to trigger Article 16 to comparing Remainers to a religious following, Mr Francois has been outspoken on all things Brexit.

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