Matt Hancock says UK tiers could be lowered before Christmas as cases down a third in week

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Matt Hancock has suggested that UK tiers could be changed ahead of Christmas as they are subject to review on December 16. He urged areas of the UK to “come together” and bring case rates down like Liverpool has in the past month. Speaking at the daily press briefing, the Health Secretary said: “We will look at the data on December 16 and we will announce the results of that review on December 17.

“Of course we have got to take into account that Christmas is coming up.

“Nevertheless with the case rates coming down as they are, almost a third in the last week.

“We will absolutely be looking at each area and seeing what is the right Tier for that area.

“I want to see areas that have pulled together, followed the rules, got the case rate down like Liverpool has over the last month which has led to it going into Tier 2.

“I want to see that happening much more broadly.

“There are some areas of the country that I’m worried about.

“There are some small parts of the country where the numbers are still going up.”

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