Merkel under pressure to ‘break away from EU’ over vaccines – ‘This would doom Brussels!’

Nigel Farage says Germany could ‘breakaway’ from EU

Angela Merkel is just days away from breaking away from the EU over its vaccine rollout, according to Nigel Farage. The leader of Reform UK said Germany’s potential break from the EU on the handling of coronavirus vaccines would plunge Brussels into an unprecedented crisis. TalkRADIO’s James Whale asked: “Why have the Germans decided to sort out their own Covid vaccine and not been told off by the European Union?”

Mr Farage responded: “With the Germans, it looks like the Germans are about to break away from the EU, but it’s by no means certain.

“Ultimately, Ms Merkel’s party want to stay in power and if they are seen not to have acted in the national interest, because they are defending this weird structure in Brussels, then they will be in trouble.

“So it looks as if they may be breaking away but it’s not certain.

“That would more or less be it for the EU because the Germany have been at the heart of this bloc since the 1950s.”

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This comes amid growing public outrage across Germany directed at Brussels.

Earlier in the week, German vice-chancellor Olaf Scholz unleashed an expletive-laden attack on Ms von der Leyen during a stormy cabinet meeting.

Mr Scholz, who singled out the European Commission President by name in the meting, described the vaccine rollout as a “disgrace”.

He added that ministers could not allow “this s***” to repeat itself in Germany, where authorities are struggling to ramp up the pace of vaccinations.

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Ms Merkel herself is facing criticism for allowing Brussels to take control over the vaccine rollout.

The bloc has struggled to secure enough doses of the vaccines and is lagging behind Britain.

So far, less than four per cent of adult EU citizens have been immunised against coronavirus, compared to just under 20 per cent of adults in the UK.


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Mrs von der Leyen herself even admitted to mistakes, saying a country on its own such as the UK can act more like a “speedboat” than the EU “tanker”.

Mr Farage went on to add in his interview: “It’s difficult to predict, but I think the country we should be looking at is not France, not Germany, but Italy.

“There has been zero growth in Italy for 20 years, and that was before the pandemic came along.

“Because they are stuck in a German-dominated currency that does not suit their economy.”

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