Migrants face a ‘dangerous’ winter in Calais

Eustice grilled on 'irony' of French letting migrants cross channel

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Having fled the horrors of war and torture in their home countries, they are sleeping rough in fields and scrubland near the French port. Care4Calais volunteer Matt Cowling said: “The people that we meet every day all have one thing in common – they’re just trying to find safety.

“They are in terrible conditions at the moment, so it’s really important that people come in to volunteer and donate clothes.”

He warned that dropping temperatures were making conditions “very dangerous” for those sleeping rough in Calais.

Fellow volunteer Imogen Hardman blamed French authorities for “almost daily” evictions of migrants as well as UK asylum policy.

She said: “People have nowhere to settle. They’ve escaped really difficult situations and are just not finding a place of safety at all.”

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