Much more to do Rees-Mogg says Brexit not yet delivered as he unveils plan to boost UK

Jacob rees-Mogg says UK has not yet seen the benefits of Brexit

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Jacob Rees-Mogg conceded Britons have still to see the full gains of quitting the European Union as he offered a glimpse into his plans to help “boost the economy”. The Brexit Opportunities Minister said some of the benefits had already been visible but more could be done to ensure a full break with the bloc is achieved. GB News host Esther McVey asked: “Have we reaped the benefits of Brexit?”

Mr Rees-Mogg said: “Not yet, no. We’ve got much more to do.

“We’ve got some benefits already, and we saw that with vaccine rollout, with some minor tax changes.

“We’ve seen it with the tentative beginning of free ports. But there is a lot more that we can do.

“Solvency too can unleash tens of billions of pounds a year for investment in the economy.”

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He continued: “One of the biggest things we can do to boost the economy.

There are other things we can do – we should get rid of all the tariffs on goods we don’t produce which would be a help to people in the cost of living crisis.

“There’s the opportunity to take 5 percent VAT off fuel, which we couldn’t possibly do whilst we were in the European Union but would be a help to every household.

Under EU regulation, member states cannot reduce on goods and services below the standard 15 percent rate.

Whilst in the EU, the UK could have lowered the VAT rate by 5 percent as the standard rate in the country is 20 percent.

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During his chat with GB News, Mr Rees-Mogg also suggested he decided not to run in the Tory leadership contest because he was not as well-positioned as Liz Truss.

He said: “I thought that to get what I want to happen in Government to get the delivery of Brexit to get proper economic policy.

“People of my way of thinking needed to unite around a single candidate. And that single candidate was Liz Truss.”

He continued: “There are other people who I think very highly of.

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“I’m a great admirer of Priti Patel for instance. I think her efforts on immigration which seem to be thwarted by what some people rather rudely call lefty lawyers.

“Not a term that I would dream of using.

“She has done amazing work but Priti didn’t have the momentum. I think highly of Nadim Zahawi.

“Who I think is in the short term he’s been at treasury trying to get to grips with it.

“But it seemed to me that Liz was much clearer in where she wanted to go and better positioned.

” And was the one person who could get momentum to win for what I think I can fairly say the three of us broadly believe in.”

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