Nick Ferrari leaves Grant Shapps red-faced in humiliating Boris Johnson rebellion probe

Grant Shapps grilled on Johnson's position by Ferrari

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LBC presenter Nick Ferrari compared Boris Johnson’s current disastrous situation to that of a football manager feeling the heat and facing the sack after a run of poor results leaves his team staring at relegation. But Grant Shapps put things into perspective and underlined that people in the UK still take Mr Johnson’s advice on board.

Mr Shapps said reports of Brits queuing up for long hours to get their booster jabs are testament to Boris Johnson’s true strength.

Mr Ferrari could not resist comparing Mr Johnson’s apparent loss of authority to that of a football gaffer of a struggling team whose future in the division is in jeopardy.

He said: “What has this done to the authority of the Prime Minister, Mister Shapps? He has all the clout of a football manager facing relegation now, doesn’t he?”

But Mr Shapps didn’t concur with the presenter’s opinion and said: “I don’t agree. I mean, I mentioned…”

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Mr Shapps affirmed that Britain should look no further than Boris Johnson if the country is on the lookout for a Prime Minister with leadership skills.

The Transport Secretary first credited Mr Johnson for making the UK the leading country among those with the biggest economies in the world such as the US, China, Japan, and Germany when it came to getting people jabbed at the start of the year.

And then he reminded everyone that Britain is light-years ahead of the rest of the world when it comes to the number of people who have already had their booster job despite the recent outbreak of the Omicron variant.

Mr Ferrari interrupted him, arguing that only former Prime Minister Theresa May fared worse, with Mr Johnson being top-ranked when it comes to the “biggest rebellions” in Britain in 80 years.

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He said: “He is the second biggest rebellion ever since the second World War for Conservative Prime Ministers. Only beaten by Theresa May over Brexit. The second biggest rebellion!

But Mr Shapps’ continued to speak in glowing terms of Mr Johnson and told Mr Ferrari in no uncertain terms that he is still the right man to take Britain forward.

He said: “When you start comparing numbers like that it becomes a bit meaningless because it depends how many MPs you have in any given government.  

“In terms of authority, I saw the Prime Minister on Sunday night asking the country to get the booster jab and yesterday walked past huge queues round the block of people queuing and responding to the Prime Minister’s plea.


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 “I think his authority in having been the person to get this country, first of all, jabbed ahead of any other major economy in the world and now booster jabbed ahead of every other country comes down personally to the authority of the Prime Minister!”

But Mr Ferrari could not resist the temptation to compare him to the Prime Minister that preceded him and said: “So, he is not a male version of Teresa May?”

Mr Shapps recalled the determination and commitment Mr Johnson had one year ago in getting people in the UK vaccinated before any other country.

Countries, which he refused to copy because he is a bona fide “leader”.

He said: “Well look I was in those meetings last year when for example they came to us with plans for the rollout of the vaccine and nd I saw the plans that were accepted in other places in the world. And I saw the Prime Minister say: ‘No, actually I think we can do this better, I think we should do it faster.

“Please take the plans away and look at this again. And because of our Prime Minister’s determination we’ve ended up being the most vaccinate major country and now the most boosted major country.

“And I have to say that takes true leadership.”

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