Nicola Sturgeon warned EU states to reject Scotland rejoining the bloc

Scotland: Joining EU ‘huge risk’ says Andrew Bowie

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Nicola Sturgeon plans to have an independent Scotland which can rejoin the European Union but receiving membership from the bloc is “unpredictable”. Scottish Conservative MP Andrew Bowie warned that Scotland could be marooned if it fails to become part of the EU. He noted that Spain or Belgium could stop Scotland from joining.

Speaking to, Mr Bowie said: “What we’ve learnt over the past few years is to never try and second guess what the European Union might try and do.

“Having worked in the EU at an incredibly junior level, I think it’s very unpredictable.

“It very much depends on the makeup of the government member states at the time that this question might be put.

“For example, I cannot see a government in Spain or Belgium or any other country that’s dealing with succession tendencies granting access to Scotland.

“However, that’s not for me to say whether they would or wouldn’t.

“My point is that I don’t know why Scotland should take the risk of having their application turned down meaning being out of the UK with the fifth largest economy in the world.

“The huge safety net that brings for the Scottish economy and Scottish jobs and potentially out of the EU’s safety net.

“Why would we want to take that risk of leaving Scotland marooned, not a part of either union?

“I think that would be a huge risk to take and not one in Scotland’s best interest.”

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His comments come as former Brexit Party MEP Ben Habib claimed Ms Sturgeon will received support from the EU for Scottish independence.

Speaking on Brexit Unlocked, Mr Habib said: “Nicola Sturgeon is almost certainly going to win a thumping majority in May, if she does that the clarion call for another referendum in Scotland will be almost impossible to resist.

“This time around, make no mistake, this time around, she will have the EU supporting her, she will have the EU aiding and abetting her.

“The EU sees the United Kingdom as a threat, it sees all leaving the EU as an existential threat to the EU itself. It needs us to fail.


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“So it will do whatever it can to cause problems in Northern Ireland.

“We’re already seeing a myriad of problems as a result of this border down the Irish Sea.

“And it will do the same in Scotland. So the Prime Minister again, as with fisheries, what the Prime Minister has to do, is provide a really good settlement for Scotland, one that the EU cannot challenge.

“And that, I’m afraid also brings me back to fisheries. Because if you sought the fishing issue out, you bring back control of Scottish fish to Scottish fishermen who are really suffering at the moment.

“In fact, they’re suffering more now than they were under the common fisheries policy. That’s how bad it is.

“So Boris Johnson has to make sure he resolves Northern Ireland, so that he neuters the ability for Scotland to get independence, neuters the ability to for EU to use the populace of Scotland against the United Kingdom.”

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