Nothing has changed! Barnier blows top at Brexit stalemate – Frost stands firm on fishing

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The European Union’s chief negotiator said the wrangling over the post-Brexit pact remained stuck because of disagreements over access to Britain’s fishing grounds and the so-called “level-playing field”. The Frenchman said: “We have very little time left to conclude the negotiations to ensure an agreement can enter into effect on January 1, 2021 – in four months and 10 days. “We still have a few months left to find an agreement to find agreement on all issues under discussion to consolidate the text.”

Frustrated European sources said both sides have not made any progress since a recent round of talks in June.

One EU official said: “Nothing has moved.

“There were some technical exchanges that weren’t entirely pointless but nothing noteworthy on the topics that matter.”

During the seventh round of negotiations, Britain tabled a new draft free-trade agreement in a bid to end the current impasse.

David Frost, the Prime Minister’s Brexit envoy, warned his EU counterpart talks could easily end in no deal if they don’t make progress on the pact soon.

Government sources said the dossier covers the areas where both sides “already have agreement”.

The basic text is understood to focus on eliminating most tariffs and quotas after Britain’s post-Brexit transition from the bloc expires in December.

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