People suggest ban for pre-op trans women from female spaces

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And there is widespread support for the decision by the UK Gov­­ernment to block Scottish legislation allowing anyone to change their ­gender by making a declaration. Polling shows 64 percent believe trans women who have not undergone genital surgery should be ­prevented from using women’s changing rooms.

A similar proportion, 65 percent, said trans women who have not had surgery should be kept out of women’s prisons, while 62 percent said they should be barred from women-only gyms and swimming sessions.

The issue has sparked a constitutional battle after the Government said it is blocking the Gender Recognition Reform (Scotland) Bill, after its approval by the Scottish parliament.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has warned the issue will “inevitably end up in court”.

But the Government’s stance is backed by 50 percent of voters, far more than the 18 percent who oppose the decision.

In Scotland, 50 percent think the UK Government is right, with 30 percent disagreeing.

Free speech campaigner and journalist Toby Young said: “On this issue, Nicola Sturgeon and the progressive elite are completely out of step with the British public.

I support trans rights but not at the expense of women’s rights. Trans women make up, at most, 0.25 percent of the population, whereas women make up 50 percent.

So if we have to choose between trans rights and women’s rights in those areas where they conflict, it’s a no brainer.”

The proposed Scottish law would allow people to obtain a Gender Recognition Certificate, changing their legal sex, by making a declaration that they intend to live permanently as their new gender. It would also lower the minimum age at which a person can apply from 18 to 16.

Ms Sturgeon faced criticism after transgender woman Isla Bryson was sent to a Scottish women’s prison in segregation to be assessed, after being convicted of two rapes carried out when she identified as a man.

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