Priti Patel blasts Labour as Border Bill vote looms

UK 'must take own responsibility' for immigration policy says MEP

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The proposed Nationality and Borders Bill means illegal migrants will find it harder to remain in the UK. Life sentences will also be introduced for people smugglers who charge migrants thousands of pounds to cross the Channel. The Home Secretary has written to shadow home secretary Yvette Cooper ahead of a vote on the Bill, which is back in the Commons today.

She wrote: “Labour has a clear choice. They can side with the criminal people smugglers or with the British people.

“Labour must choose between supporting our plan to reduce illegal migration and putting the British people’s concerns first or continuing to back open borders.”

Ms Cooper said: “The British people want to see proper protection for our borders, criminal gangs convicted, lives saved and our long-standing tradition of providing sanctuary for the persecuted upheld.”

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