Rubbish! Britons hit back as Boris told he cant win simmering Brexit row: Pull out NOW

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Brussels has threatened to launch a trade war against Britain if it does not implement checks on goods entering Northern Ireland under the terms of the Brexit deal, with European Commission vice president Maros Sefcovic warning after a meeting with Lord Frost that patience with the UK is wearing “very, very thin”.

Officials from the UK and EU are expected to continue talks this week as they desperately attempt to find a solution to the issue.

But Britons have lashed out at the threats from the bloc and urged the Prime Minister to tear up the Withdrawal Agreement.

One reader said: “Switch from the Northern Ireland protocol to WTO terms.

“Let the EU create a border to protect their single market on the island of Ireland and let the world see them for the protectionist bullies that they are.

“Ireland will soon realise they are trapped inside the EU’s economic prison.”

Another added: “Rubbish! We have the right to trade with all the parts of the UK as we see fit.

“If the EU wants to set up border posts along the NI Ireland border let them.

“Let them pay for them and let them show the IRA that it is they and not the UK that is being intransigent!”

Someone else said: “Don’t do it Boris!

“The EU are bluff and bully.

“Our boycott will hit them soon when they can no longer blame Covid.”

A fourth person said: “Banning the import of cancer drugs is just unbelievable.

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“These are medicines not food or machinery.

“The EU is a petty-minded, spiteful, nasty organisation that could care less about people’s lives.

“As long as they can kick the boot in they are happy.

“Yet they wonder why people are turning against them.”

Others urged Boris to scrap the agreement and “let Ireland sort itself out”.

One person said: “EU using NI as an excuse to bully us into a situation that suits them NOT us.

“Tear up the agreement… let Ireland sort itself out.

“Nobody wants Irish troubles other than the EU.”

Someone else accused Mr Johnson and Lord Frost of being “europhiles” and have “betrayed this country”.

They said: “We voted to leave the EU in its entirety.

“We didn’t!”

This comes after Alistair Jones, Associate Professor in Politics and a University Teacher Fellow at De Montfort in Leicester, warned the UK that Brussels “is in the right” and “holds all the cards” in the escalating row over the Protocol.

Professor Jones told “The EU is in the right. They were in the wrong over the vaccines issue earlier this year, when Ursula von der Leyen activated Article 16 and then retracted within hours of issuing it.

“In that circumstance, as she subsequently admitted, she was in the wrong.

“Currently, the EU has the upper hand and holds all the cards.

“The UK has tried to bluff everything eg asking for extra time before enforcing the agreement.

“Lord Frost has suggested that the EU is in the wrong by not allowing any flexibility.

“They do not need to, as the Protocol was approved by Parliament.”

He then added the UK “will have to back down”.

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