Shes back! Gina Miller launches new political party named True & Fair

Gina Miller says EU ‘could have taken UK to court’

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The proposed political party will be known as True & Fair and is set to be registered with the Electoral Commission. Ms Miller said in a statement this morning: “This government needs to be held to account.

“Voters deserve better than the current politics of incompetence and self-interest.”

The party is separate from Ms Millers True and Fair Campaign which was launched in 2012 to improve transparency, governance, consumer protection and conduct in the UK financial services sector.

Ms Miller took the UK Government to court when Theresa May was Prime Minister over a decision to trigger Article 50, the first milestone in the UK leaving the EU without seeking a vote in the House of Commons. 

The City investor also claimed victory after the Supreme Court ruled that Boris Johnson’s decision to suspend Parliament for five weeks ahead of an extended Brexit deadline was unlawful. 


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