Simplistic thinking from the SNP will set Sturgeon up for monumental EU row

Scotland: McCrae slams 'simplistic' plan to join EU

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Dr Niall McCrae of the Bruges Group think tank argued the SNP and Nicola Sturgeon were showing “simplistic thinking” in regards to rejoining the EU. During an interview with, Dr McCrae highlighted one of the biggest problems would be getting goods to and from Scotland. He said there could be problems caused if Scotland was forced to pass goods through England from the EU and vice versa.

He added this could cause rows between Scotland and the EU or the rest of the UK and EU.

Dr McCrae said: “The powers that be in the EU would have serious doubts about Scotland becoming a member in its own right.

“This is because in 2016 despite all media, all the establishment, universities in favour of remaining in the EU, 37 percent of the Scottish vote was to leave.

“That is an astounding figure given the way I remember when we were heading to the referendum they were saying no more than about 20-25 percent would vote against the EU.”

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Dr McCrae highlighted one of the biggest issues Scotland would face if it was an independent member of the EU.

He said: “All the goods from Scotland would be passing through a non-member state, i.e the rest of the UK, England.

“That is a problem or at least a potential problem.

“If there was any trade dispute between whats rest of the UK and EU that would create a lot of problems for EU products getting to Scotland and Scottish produce getting to the European mainland.

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“It is not that easy, I think there is a lot of simplistic thinking about Scotland becoming a member again of the EU.

“I don’t think it would be that easy.”

In the eventuality that Scotland became an EU member, Dr McCrae also outlined what they would have to agree to.

He said: “The Scottish Europhile lobby thinks that the EU would welcome them with open arms by the EU.

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“I think that is a bit naive.

“Scotland would, of course, would have to pass all the tests as would any other new member state.

“An independent Scotland, if that came about, would have to adopt the Euro currency.

“It would also have to adopt budgetary monitoring and the EU army.

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