Starmer staging war to remove final Corbyn allies from Labour Wants to vanquish them

Keir Starmer wants to 'vanquish' Corbynites says expert

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BBC chief political correspondent Adam Fleming remarked that Labour Party leader Sir Keir Starmer is “staging a war” against former leader Jeremy Corbyn’s allies. While speaking on Politics Live at the Labour Party conference, he said Sir Keir had the goal of “vanquishing” these allies and removing them from the party. This comes after a heckler received cheers during Sir Keir’s speech at the conference.

Mr Fleming said: “They are staging a war against the Corbynites because Keir Starmer wants to vanquish them.

“What is clear from that little exchange there is that there are still quite a lot of them here, so the vanquishing hasn’t happened yet.

“The Corbynites are going to be a thorn in Keir Starmer’s side.

“There will be versions of those heckles as long as he is the leader of the Labour Party.”

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Earlier that afternoon, Sir Keir made a speech thanking those that stuck by the Labour Party during the last election.

He added the Labour Party needed to look at how it could win back voters who chose the Tory Party due to differences on Brexit.

He said: “To those Labour voters who rejected us.

“To those Labour who said their grandparents would turn in their graves and they couldn’t trust us with high office.

Keir Starmer hecklers 'dramatise his battle' says host

“Those who reluctantly chose the Tories because they didn’t believe our promises were credible.”

But Sir Keir was then heckled with one audience member shouting: “It was your Brexit policy.”

The outburst appeared to address Labour’s stance on Brexit which some say alienated some traditional Labour supporters who backed Brexit.

The hall cheered as Sir Keir attempted to bring things under control.

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Sir Keir has also faced pressure from reporters who have questioned whether the Left within the party have a fair grievance against him as their leader. 

BBC’s Political Editor Laura Kuenssberg took Sir Keir to task on this matter during an interview on Tuesday.

Sir Keir argued back that he was determined to push the Labour Party in the direction that would ensure they could form a Government voters had faith in. 

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