Sturgeon facing ‘serious embarrassment’ as FM may lose seat in election -‘Tide is turning’

Nicola Sturgeon: Douglas Ross discusses no confidence vote

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Over the weekend, polls suggested a fall in support for both the SNP and Scottish independence. According to Brian Monteith, the editor of, these damaging polls suggest trust in the SNP is turning.

In his latest comment piece in The Scotsman, Mr Monteith said: “The opposition parties have further cause to smile for the advantage lies with them.

“Firstly, the SNP is experiencing a festering civil war with the demarcation being far deeper than just [Alex] Salmond versus Sturgeon, but also including Sturgeon’s abject failure to offer a deliverable route to deliver an independence referendum.

“Saying repeatedly it will happen does not amount to a strategy.”

He went on to say how the election of Anas Sarwar to lead the Scottish Labour Party could pose a detrimental effect on Ms Sturgeon’s seat in Glasgow.

Mr Monteith added how support for the opposition parties is “turning” and Mr Sarwar could encourage more “tactical voting” elsewhere.

He added: “All of that offers hope for the opposition that the tide is turning, but here’s the kicker, Sarwar could well stand in the same constituency that Sturgeon currently holds with a handsome majority – and with the possibility of tactical voting becoming half of Scotland’s new favourite pastime and SNP support falling she might then lose.

“Even were the First Minister to hang on a fall in her support would be a serious embarrassment and Sarwar’s challenge a rallying cry to encourage tactical voting elsewhere.”

Mr Monteith went on to say how Ms Sturgeon is also ranked second on the SNP’s Glasgow regional list but could be “out of politics” altogether if she does not win Glasgow Southside.

Last week a poll carried out by Savanta ComRes for The Scotsman showed most Scottish voters do not support independence.

The 1,015-person poll was carried out from March 4 to March 5 and found a general ‘No’ voting preference in a referendum asking whether Scotland should be an independent country.

Of those surveyed 46 percent do not approve of independence, with 43 percent approving and 10 percent responding they do not know.

Excluding those who said “don’t know”, 52 percent vote “no” for independence to 48 percent saying “yes”.

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This week, the Scottish Conservatives are expected to submit a vote of no confidence in the Deputy First Minister, John Swinney, over the Government’s refusal to hand over legal advice.

Scottish Conservatives leader Douglas Ross said Mr Swinney’s “position has become untenable”.

Speaking to BBC’s The Sunday Show, Mr Ross said: “We brought forward the vote of no confidence in John Swinney to ensure the committee looking into how the Scottish government handled harassment claims against the former first minister could have all the evidence they needed.

“Two previous votes in Parliament, where opposition parties united behind the Scottish Conservative lead to that result being made in Parliament but the SNP ignored it.

“It was only under the threat of the Scottish Conservatives working with other Opposition parties and a threat of no confidence in John Swinney did we get a partial release of that vital evidence.

“The fact is there has been a drip, drip effect of more evidence being submitted and released by the Scottish government.

“Why won’t they just be upfront and honest and give us everything we need?”

Scotland goes to the polls on May 6.

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