Supermarket customers warned they will face fines if Covid rules ignored during shopping

Supermarkets 'must protect their customers' says Malthouse

Kit Malthouse told BBC Breakfast’s Dan Walker that more than 700 fixed penalty notices have been issued to coronavirus rule breakers. The Conservative MP added that supermarkets and store owners have a responsibility to protect their staff by enforcing COVID-19 regulations.  

Mr Walker said: “Morrison’s are asking everyone to wear a face mask in the store.

“Whose responsibility is it to enforce that because the British retail consortium says they need the help of the police to do this, where do you think this lies?”

Mr Malthouse replied: “Well the vast majority of the enforcement of the guidelines put in place by the store owners will be enough.

He added: “The police are there for backup if things go seriously wrong but hopefully, the vast majority of people will comply.

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“I know supermarkets and store owners will be taking their responsibility very seriously as they have a duty to protect their staff as well.”

Asked about issuing fines inside supermarkets, Mr Malthouse did not dismiss the possibility of officers handing out penalties to shoppers should they ignore Covid rules.

The BBC host asked: “So you do not want to see the police involved in enforcing that in supermarkets?”

The Policing Minister responded: “In the past, we have seen 700 fixed penalty notices handed out in retail environments.

“What we would like and prefer to do is have the police enforcing outdoors.”

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