Thats not right Cooper slaps down Diane Abbott over attack on Starmers Russia stance

Yvette Cooper slaps down Diane Abbott over Starmer attack

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Diane Abbott slammed as “deranged” Sir Keir Starmer’s decision to back NATO as she warned unfettered support would lead to an “unmitigated disaster.” Sir Keir insisted Labour supported the Government’s decision to side with the military alliance in response to Russia’s growing hostility towards the West. But Ms Abbott’s successor Yvette Cooper admitted she had a “different view” from her and reiterated her support for the Labour leader’s strategy.

BBC Sunday Morning host Sophie Raworth said: “Your predecessor, Diane Abbott, has said this week, ‘Keir Starmer positions himself as a pro-war Labour leader.’

“‘Obviously, he would’ve taken us into the Iraq War but in another ere, he would presumably have flung British troops to Vietnam.’

“What do you say to her?”

Ms Copper said: “I don’t think that’s right. I think this is talking in terms of caricatures.

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I’ve said in the past we did the wrong thing on Iraq, there weren’t weapons of mass destruction.

“But I also think in the past it was the right response in terms of Bosnia and the serious issues that there were there.

“Any kind of international situation, you have to take a very serious and thoughtful response, it has to be relevant to that particular conflict, that particular issue, that particular threat.”

She added: “And it has to be very serious.

“But what Keir Starmer has made very clear is our national security will always be a priority for Labour and that’s really important and right that he should do so. I have different views from Diane on this.”


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