‘That’s not true!’ Liz Truss dismantles Andrew Marr’s Brexit chaos claims in BBC clash

Brexit: Liz Truss clashes with Marr over UK business support

International Trade Secretary Liz Truss hit back at Andrew Marr’s claims of Brexit chaos in the UK economy. She pointed out that the media had once predicted “Armageddon, and huge queues at Dover and that it would all be very difficult”. Instead, Ms Truss, who earlier announced plans to join a £9bn free trade area, argued that Britain was thriving outside of the EU.

Mr Marr said that small businesses were “being throttled day by day with new red tape whether it is musicians, cheese-makers, fishermen and farmers, right across the British economy”.

He added: “We see lots and lots of small business dealing with the reality of Brexit trade regulations and finding themselves on the edge of going under.”

Ms Truss fired back: “If you recall Andrew, there were all kinds of predictions of Armageddon, of huge queues at Dover, that it would all be very difficult.

“In fact, many businesses have succeeded in undergoing those new processes and continuing those exports, and we haven’t seen those predictions of Armageddon come true.”

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She pointed to Nissan’s recent investment in the UK as a sign that Britain was thriving outside of EU rules.

The International Trade Secretary told the BBC: “In fact we have seen new investment in the UK. 

“Nissan have announced that they will produce their new car model here in the UK, protecting over 70,000 jobs. People need to look at the whole story.”

Mr Marr responded: “The small and medium sized companies that are the backbone of the British economy are the ones having real trouble.

“Up and down the country there are lots of once Conservative-supporting, very, very worried companies and they are not getting much of an answer, except do better.”

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Ms Truss rebuked this: “Well that’s not true! They are getting support from the Brexit business task force in terms of the processes that need to be gone through.

“We have left the single market and customs union and we have a free trade deal with the EU.”

She has already signed 63 trade deals with £885 billion over the last year.


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Earlier today, she announced plans for Britain to join the massive Trans Pacific Partnership (CPTPP), which amounts to a huge £9 trillion free trade area.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson himself hailed the latest arrangement which will be the biggest Brexit bonus yet.

He told the Sunday Express: “A year on from leaving the EU, we are wasting no time forging new partnerships that will reap huge economic rewards for British people and businesses.

“Applying to join up with old friends like Australia, Canada and New Zealand as well as exciting, fast-growing markets like Vietnam is a demonstration of our commitment to making Britain an enthusiastic champion of global free trade.”

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