They are so jealous! EU shooting themselves in foot with plans to pull UK programmes

EU ‘are so jealous of success of British shows’ says Grimes

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Conservative commentator Darren Grimes told talkRADIO how the European Union have made a major mistake following a move to bloc a huge chunk of British TV programming on EU TVs. The plans will see the share of British shows like Downton Abbey and The Crown cut massively for European customers on streaming networks such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Apple TV. It comes as “jealous” EU leaders say the move follows concerns that Europe’s “cultural diversity” is getting damaged by British Film and TV shows.

Mr Grimes said: “It really proves that there is an insularity, a parochial, provincial regionalism by this Europe bloc.

“They are so jealous of the success of shows like The Crown or Downton Abbey that they’re willing to chop off their nose to spite their face.

“Last year the EU 27 made up 22 percent of that with the UK making another eight percent.

“The French go even further than this they take the madness to a whole other level!

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“The French want 60 percent of content on TV to be French!

“You just look at all of this and to me, it really does highlight the difference between the UK being a very competitive market.

“We do well thanks to the English language in large part.

“But if the French want to change that they are going to have to find themselves a time machine and go back to the Napoleonic Wars!”

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He hammered: “Because that is not going to change anytime soon!”

Mr Grimes’ comments come as the EU is preparing to act against the “disproportionate” amount of British television and film content shown in Europe in the wake of Brexit.

UK TV programmes dominate the Bloc’s TV networks and streaming services but EU leaders want to change this.

In a document seen by the Guardian bitter EU leaders describe British TV dominance as a threat to Europe’s “cultural diversity”.


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The move is part of the EU Audiovisual Media Services Directive which means that European content needs to be 30 percent of the TV programmes on streaming services.

The news is a blow to the UK entertainment industry and the country’s as international sales make up a large chunk of the industry.

Foreign sales account for around £1.4bn a year and the EU’s decision could hit UK TV coffers hard.

Britain is Europe’s biggest producer of film and TV programming and dominates the bloc’s TV networks such as Netflix, Amazon and Apple TV.

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