UK must rejoin EU… and sign up to EURO! Remainer Adonis begins most deluded campaign yet

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The Labour peer’s extraordinary comments were savaged on social media with one Twitter user describing him as “sad”. Britain finally leaves the EU in seven weeks when the transition period comes to an end but a trade deal has yet to be reached despite weeks of intense negotiations.

It is my view that when we rejoin the European Union we should also join the Euro

Lord Adonis

Lord Adonis said: “It is my view that when we rejoin the European Union we should also join the Euro.

“Probably we won’t be able to rejoin on any other terms anyway.

“Next time we can’t be ‘half in, half out’.

“That’s why we made such a mess of it last time, and are suffering so badly now.”

His remarks provoked a swift backlash on Twitter.

One critic said: “How soppy and treacherous can it get? We are masters of our own destiny.”

Another tweeted: “Let’s ask the Italians and the Greeks and the Spaniards – oh, and now the French – just how well the euro suits their economic conditions shall we?”

Another said: “This is sad. A man more committed to the goals of other nations than he is to our own.”

And another said: “So just get rid of the oldest currency in the earth and our financial sovereign ability?

“No wonder Remain failed on one referendum and two elections.”

Britain and the EU will resume trade talks in Brussels on Monday after so failing to close gaps between their positions on two of the thorniest issues: competition rules and fishing.

But after missing a mid-November deadline, British officials say there has been little movement on stubborn differences over fair competition rules and fisheries, with the UK Government repeatedly pushing for a deal that would respect the country’s sovereignty.

The EU has urged Britain to compromise and warned its geographic proximity to the bloc means it cannot be handed a deal similar to those Brussels have agreed with countries such as Canada.

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A spokesman for Boris Johnson said: “The talks are continuing in London today, there will be a pause over the weekend and then we are expecting the talks to resume in Brussels on Monday.

“The negotiating teams are working very hard to bridge the significant gaps between us.

“For our part, we continue to seek solutions that fully respect UK sovereignty but the familiar, difficult issues remain including on the so-called level playing field and fisheries.”

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