Why didnt he say that! Angela Rayner squirms as Vine questions Labours Boris strategy

Vine grills Angela Rayner on Keir Starmer’s questioning of PM

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Jeremy Vine could not understand why Sir Keir Starmer did not ask Prime Minister Boris Johnson to step down amid allegations that an illegal Christmas party was held on December 18 last year. The broadcaster challenged Labour Deputy leader Angela Rayner, telling her that this week’s PMQs had been “the day” to demand Mr Johnson to resign. Sir Keir rubbed shoulders with under-pressure Mr Jonson on Wednesday telling him that his behaviour raises “more questions than answer.”

But Ms Rayner, who does not always see eye-to-eye with Sir Keir, deflected the question and defended the latter for tearing into the Prime Minister for not doing enough to keep the new omicron variant at bay instead.

Mr Vine asked her: “Why didn’t Keir Starmer say and ask that to resign?

“Yesterday was the day to say it, wasn’t it?”

Ms Rayner replied that we should not detract from his brutal assessment that he failed in his quest to keep the virus out of British shores with nearly 600 cases reported yesterday.

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Ms Rayner told Mr Vine: “Well yesterday was the day Keir Starmer pushed the Prime Minister especially in regard to the variant that’s within the UK now.

“We were very clear weeks ago that we should have been tested before people came into the country.

“We now have this new variant that’s spreading across the UK and that the government should have been focusing on these issues rather than laughing, having cheese and wine and frequently disregarding the rules that were set because of the medical advice and the science advice that we had.

“Keir Starmer has been very clear on that.”

Vine grills Angela Rayner on Keir Starmer’s questioning of PM

She also delivered repeated previous arguments that Mr Johnson is not responsible enough and suited to the role of Prime Minister of the UK.

She told Mr Vine on his show: “I think it is no shock that I will say that the Prime Minister is not fit for office.

“I do believe that and I wrote so many letters recently about how they broke the rules.

“We’ve got breaking news now that the Prime Minister will be fined from the electoral commission for the refurbishment of the Downing Street flat, which again I pushed the government on this.


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“This PM doesn’t care about the rules but let’s just take a moment, and I know you’ve been talking about this on your show, to say why this matters.

“People who lost loved ones, their loved ones were dying in hospitals and they were unable to visit and see them at a time when the Prime Minister in his flat in Number 10 and within the Conservative headquarters were having parties, drinking wine, and laughing at the public and taking them for fools.

“This man is not a responsible man to be Prime Minister of this country. And that’s not me who thinks that actually. The Prime Minister has demonstrated complete unacceptable behaviour.”

Deputy Labour Leader Angela Rayner and Mr Starmer are the Labour’s two most powerful politicians. But it’s no mystery that there is no love lost between the pair. There is an ongoing power struggle and both are reportedly feeling stuck in a forced political alliance and don’t trust each other.

Last month, Sir Keir reshuffled his frontbench without telling her, with Ms Rayner being informed while at a press conference. 

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