Adorable cat wells up as owner chops onions right next to her

A cat owner has captured the hilarious moment her pet welled up with tears as she cut onions in the kitchen.

Ana Hernandez, from Indianapolis, US, posted the clip on TikTok where it went viral with more than 5 million views.

In the video, her cat Coco is seen staying beside Ana while she chops the onions.

Onions are known to make us humans teary due to the release of its chemical and it seems the same goes for cats.

Coco cannot help but squint when the irritant goes into her eyes and nose. She bobs her head around and tries to open her eyes.

Viewers called Coco a silly cat and joked she could have left the kitchen.

One wrote: "Why are cats like this? Like it can literally go anywhere else in the house but it chooses to stay there."

"Yet it stays, silly kitty," another said. "It's a cat thing."

Some pointed out that onions could be toxic for cats if they eat it by accident.

Ana said she was preparing the ingredients for making the birria, a Mexican meat dish loaded with herbs and seasonings.

Others found it cruel to watch Coco tearing and urged Ana to move her cat away from the onions.

"Poor cat can't leave because she can't see!" one suggested.

It came after a stray dog in China was seen "weeping" when a kind-hearted woman stopped by and gave him food.

The clip has warmed hearts over the internet as viewers praised her act of kindness.

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