AI robots will unleash Terminator-style Judgment Day as bad as nuclear war

AI robots will unleash a Terminator-style Judgment Day on humanity, scientists fear.

Experts are worried super-intelligent machines could turn evil, just like in the Arnold Schwarzenegger movies, and wipe us out.

And 36% of those working in AI say it is “plausible AI decisions could cause a catastrophe this century that is at least as bad as an all-out nuclear war”.

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Lead researcher Julian Michael, of New York University, says some respondents were thinking of “sci-fi renegade AI scenarios” in which rogue computers run amok.

“On the other hand, some were definitely thinking of more classic geopolitical disasters with AI splashed in,” he said.

“If machine learning is deployed in some critical applications, like a nuclear warning system and it makes a mistake … then maybe we have a problem.”

Tyrants and tycoons have acknowledged the role AI promises to play in geopolitics.

Russian President Vladamir Putin chillingly said in 2017 that “whoever becomes the leader in this sphere will become the ruler of the world”.

Billionaire Elon Musk also predicted a global scrabble for AI superiority was the most likely cause of a third world war.

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Stewart Miller, head of Edinburgh’s National Robotarium, says “inevitably there will be more robots in everybody’s life”.

He said: “They’ll be helping you at home, when you go out shopping, when you go to a hotel, they’ll be involved in hospitality… everything.

“The thing to remember is that we, the humans, are in control. We decide how far it goes.

“A lot of people are already working on making sure the software sitting behind AI has safeguards built into it.”

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