Angry KFC customers moan restaurant looks like bomb site with overflowing bins

KFC customers have moaned about a "disgusting" mess in one of its restaurants and claimed it looked like a "bomb had hit it".

Reg O'Reilly and her husband Paul Merry recorded footage of leftover food and packaging on the tables and floors and overflowing bins at the restaurant in Milton Street, Nottingham.

The couple, who live in the Victoria Centre flats, stopped off on their way home after a night out on Sunday at 2.30 am.

Ms O'Reilly told Nottingham Post: "We walked in, we ordered our food, then I turned around and thought my god, what the hell has happened here? It was so bad and I went up to speak to the manager.

"I said where are we meant to sit? It was like a bomb had hit it."

The angry customer said the manager blamed the mess on being short-staffed, but she was not satisfied with the reason.

She said: "As we were leaving there was no one queuing, you'd have thought they'd have just closed for five minutes, all the staff grab a bin bag and clear the place up but she was just standing there.

"Customers couldn't clean up after themselves as the bins were full, they were overflowing. There was nowhere to put the rubbish."

Mr Merry, whose video footage shows the full extent of the mess, said he was going to report it to environmental health at Nottingham City Council.

The couple were offered an £8 voucher by KFC customer services but Ms O'Reilly said they wouldn't be going again.

The response said: "I’ll be sure to get in touch with the restaurant senior team to let them know they should be much friendlier and more professional and they need to stick to the cleaning rota, asking them to take any learnings away from what's happened here."

A KFC spokesperson said: "It was a busy one this weekend, but that’s no excuse!

"This definitely doesn’t meet the Colonel’s high standards and we’re really sorry to hear our roosts weren’t up to scratch on Sunday.

"We have rotas in place to ensure our restaurants are kept squeaky-clean including table clearing, sanitisation, and toilet checks.

"We’ve reminded our team members of the importance of this – even when it’s super busy, so it doesn’t happen again."

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