Anti-Putin rage as Brits demand MORE sanctions against Russia – even if oil price soars

Economist explains why Germany is still using Russian gas

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Britain was found to be among the highest-ranking countries when it comes to back support for Ukraine, after nearly two months of Russian troops raiding the country. A stunning 67 percent of the British people asked, believed that paying more for fuel and gas because of sanctions against Russia is worthwhile. The percentage is found way ahead of the global average of 54 percent, according to the global study conducted by Ipsos.

At the same time, three in four Britons (75 percent) believe that Britain should put additional economic sanctions in place against Russia.

Moreover, two-thirds of Britons (66 percent) believe that the UK should ban imports of oil and gas from Russia even if this leads to further price increases.

This morale for support is found to be way higher than the global country average since only 48 percent of citizens of other nations agree to additional sanctions.

When it came to the rise of oil and gas prices, the global average of people supporting a ban on Russian imports went down to 40 percent.

The study was conducted between March 25 and April 3 and included responses from 19,000 adults in 27 countries.

Kelly Beaver, Chief Executive of Ipsos in the UK, spoke of a responsibility that the UK has, to lead the world’s response to the horrific developments taking place in Ukraine.

Commenting on the findings of the study, Ms Beaver said: “This global survey suggests Britons are broadly in step with the UK Government’s desire to take a lead in supporting Ukraine through the invasion.

“This supports the belief in Britain – already higher than in many other countries – that we have a responsibility to play a global role.”

She added: “However, the UK Government should be aware of the differing views of the public in other countries when it comes to providing support to Ukraine, with others being less forthcoming than the British public.

“The public opinion in their own countries will be of importance to other governments as the British Government seeks to build a coalition to support Ukraine.”

However, these encouraging responses come despite 50 percent of Britons believing that the UK can’t afford to lend financial support to Ukraine.

Apart from the financial aspect of the support, the study looked into the most popular views regarding humanitarian aid, as well as military interventions.

When it comes to humanitarian support, 84 percent of Britons supported taking in Ukrainian refugees from the current conflict.

This will of Britons to help came just behind that of the Swedish people (89 percent), and ahead of the global country average of 74 percent.

On the military assistance, about two-thirds of Britons (65 percent) think Britain should not get militarily involved in the conflict – the global country average was 72 percent.

A 69 percent of the British people (69 percent) also believed that taking military action will encourage attacks on other countries.

This belief was in line with the global average of 68 percent.

Finally, Britons (58 percent), the Dutch (63 percent), and Canadians (58 percent) rank highest for sending troops from their country to NATO countries bordering Ukraine against a global average of 32percent.

Britons also have some of the highest levels of support for providing weapons and military equipment to Ukraine (63 percent vs the global average of 36 percent) as well as providing funding for the Ukrainian military (58 percent, vs a global average of 33 percent).

Again, though, there is little support for sending British troops to Ukraine, at 24 percent (not too different from the global average of 17 percent).

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