Anti-vaxxer dies after going to corona party to purposely catch Covid-19

A man has died from Covid-19 after he purposely tried to catch the disease at a party along with several others who are reportedly fighting for their lives.

The 55-year-old died in Austria after he attended a ‘Covid Party’, set up for people to go and catch the disease, in northern Italy.

Spreading the virus in such a way is classed as a criminal offence in Italy under an emergency law that will remain in place until December 31 this year, unless there is a need to extend it.

As well as the man there are currently three more people, including a child, now in hospital in Italy from going to similar parties.

Local reports say two of them are currently in intensive care.

Speaking to Italian publication II Dolomiti, Patrick Franzoni, of Bolzano's anti-Covid unit in northern Italy, said: “We have received more than one account from doctors of patients who admitted to having been infected on purpose.

“[They do this] to develop antibodies, and to obtain the green pass without vaccination.

“There are long-term consequences and even young people can end up in hospital.”

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It was explained by Franzoni that the ‘parties’ include anti-vaxxers meeting in the outdoor area of a bar and make contact with an infected person by hugging or sharing a drink.

According to, health officials believe the now deceased man was an anti-vaxxer and wanted to contract the virus in order to get a “green pass”.

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It is thought the man would rather get the virus than the vaccine in order to obtain the pass, which is similar to a vaccine passport.

The Italian city of Bolzano is reportedly one of the hardest hit by the current winter wave of Covid.

According to WHO, Europe saw a rise in Covid-related deaths last week.

It is believed that the current rise across Europe could see another lockdown to try to contain a fourth wave.

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