Baby Ps evil killer mum Tracey Connelly must stay behind bars, says relative

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A relative of the tragically slain Baby P has said she wants the infant's killer mum to remain behind bars.

Tracey Connelly, who was jailed over the death of her son Peter, has been cleared for release from jail in a move that has prompted huge public outcry.

Her 17-month-old Peter died in 2007 after suffering more than 50 injuries at the hands of her partner Steven Barker and his paedophile brother Jason Owen.

It was a sickening child abuse case that shocked the nation.

Tracy's first sentence came in 2009 after she admitted causing or allowing the death of a child, while Barker and Owen were found guilty of the same charge.

She was then banged up again in 2015 after breaking the terms of her indefinite sentence by selling pornographic pictures of herself.

But the recent decision to set her free again has been blasted by one of her own relatives, who does not believe the British justice system should be giving her "chance after chance" to live life as a free woman.

The unnamed relative told The Sun: “Connelly gets chance after chance.

"When will these people learn evil is evil? She’s fooled them before and fooled them again.”

Under the terms of her release Tracey will be given a new name by the courts, and will even be treated to a makeover to disguise her identity.

Justice Secretary Dominic Raab has said he will appeal against the controversial decision, saying in the House of Commons on Thursday: “In light of the Parole Board’s direction to release Tracey Connelly, I should inform the House that, having carefully read the decision, I’ve decided to apply to seek their reconsideration.”

It is unusual for a Parole Board decision releasing a prisoner to be changed.

Responding to the news, a Parole Board spokesperson said: “We can confirm that a panel of the Parole Board has directed the release of Tracey Connelly following an oral hearing.

“Parole reviews are undertaken thoroughly and with extreme care. Protecting the public is our number one priority.”

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